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Sim- PFC BATD CATIII        N33149 - Piper Warrior PA28     N7693Y - Twin Comanche 

Great Lakes Air Ventures Aircraft

GLAV currently has four aircraft that offer you a variety of training and rental options. All of the GLAV aircraft are available for you to rent and fly anywhere in the United States. All that is required is a checkout with our great instructors. These aircraft vary in size price and capability to offer you the best fit for your flying.  To help you save money and improve your learning GLAV also has a simulator that provides great oppurtunities to learn how to use a Garmin 430W as well as instrument skills. 

PFC Simulator GLAV has Precision Flight Controls Basic Aircraft Training Device CATIII. Most people just call it a Simulator though, this Sim is great because it allows you to fly over 32 different models of single and twin engine aircraft. These aircraft are outfitted with a Garmin 430W that allows you to learn and practice your instrument skills well operating the Garmin 430W. Click here for more information on our Simulator.


Piper Warrior For training and fun flights the 4 seat Warrior is a easy stable flying aircraft. With a Garmin 430W, Autopilot, and standard six pack the aircraft is great inside and out. If you haven't flown a Piper before you should give it a try and see how smooth it is to fly. Click here for more infomation about the Piper Warrior


Twin Comanche Proudly one of the only twins available to rent in the Midwest US our PA-30 is a great training aircraft as well as great plane to rent. Multi-Engine Rating training is available anytime you are and we can supplement your time in the airplane with our multi-engine simulator. We also offer special block rates for time building.  Click here for more information on the Twin Comanche.

Each of the aircraft are maintained above and beyond the FAA required 100-hour inspections and manufacturer requirements. Additionally, they all have over a million dollars of insurance coverage with a $250 not in-motion and a $1500 in-motion deductible for all the aircraft we rent.