Discovery Flight

A discovery flight can be used differently for many people.  Some use it as a chance to try to get over a fear of flying and some as a way to see their home from the air.  Many just want to be able to say that they've flown an airplane!  No matter how you use it, your discovery flight will be great experience. When you arrive at the Charlotte airport, park anywhere, and come on in to the terminal building where your flight instructor will meet you. After introductions, you can plan on walking out to the ramp where you and your instructor will preflight your plane and get accustomed to the cockpit.

After the engine start-up, the instructor will direct you to taxi to the runway where you will prepare to take off. The instructor will guide you through the takeoff, or even have you do it yourself if you're feeling up to it. After take off, you will have full control of the aircraft, soaring through the air and exploring the skies.

Quicker than you would believe, you will have spent a half hour in the air and you will make your way back to the airport. You can expect the instructor to softly place the aircraft back on the runway, and you will taxi up to the terminal to end your flight. After being in the air you won't be able to stop looking up at the sky or stop looking forward to your next trip to the airport.