Your First Flight Lesson

Your First Flight Lesson will be based on the ASA Private pilot Syllabus that we teach from. The objectives of that lesson are for you to achieve basic control capability of the aircraft and begin to be comfortable operating the aircraft. Associated with that is learning the different checklists, capabilities of the aircraft, and parts of the aircraft. 

The lesson begins with your flight instructor introducing you to the lesson plan and explaining the different tasks that are completed before every flight, such as a weather briefing and a pre-flight. You will then discuss the forces that affect the aircraft and how you will be controlling them. Once you have completed your discussion you walk out to the airplane to learn how to conduct a pre-flight. 

Once you've completed a pre-flight briefing, you are ready to go flying. You will learn how to start the aircraft as well as taxi it to the end of the runway and even takeoff. You will control the aircraft as you climb high in to the sky and explore the freedom of flight. 

You will be amazed at how short an hour seems, but when it comes time, you will use dead reckoning and pilotage to find your way back to the airport. If you have trouble, never fear, your CFI is there to help you, but you will be amazed at the visibility to pick out land marks from the air. Coming in for landing, the CFI will talk you through the landing all the way to the ground, helping you to make as soft a touchdown as possible.

After the flight, you'll conduct a post flight inspection of the airplane and make sure that it's in good shape, then go inside for the post flight briefing. During the briefing, you will discuss the different things you learned, and talk about any questions you may have. After you have completed your discussion, the flight instructor will sign your new logbook, endorsing your first hour of flight instruction and first two hours of ground instruction.