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Scheduling at Great Lakes Air Ventures is based around you! As it should be, you are the student and the customer. When you start your flight training, you will be paired up with a flight instructor that fits your availability. You will then begin scheduling your time one-on-one with them. This time will be scheduled through phone calls, text messages, or email, basically whatever is most convient for you and your flight instructor.


Once you have a time that works, it will be placed on the online schedule by either you or your flight instructor. The online schedule has many great features that include advanced flight training tracking (which allows you to see each upcoming flight and review past flight and their remarks), as well as online billing. At the completion of each flight you can receive a printed invoice, or you can also receive an email with the flight that was completed. 

To access the online schedule please feel free to click here. If it is your first time using the system go to First Time page under the Schedule tab.