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Great Lakes Air Ventures offers training from your initial Private Pilot to Instructor Certificate.

Operating an aircraft can be compared to operating many pieces of machinery. The big difference is that when operating an aircraft, you can't just stop on the side of the road, or simply drive with your knees while listening to your iPod and eating a burrito. You have full three dimensional control, other airplanes to watch out for, and vast expanses of hard ground to avoid. Great Lakes Air Ventures is capable of teaching you how to operate and get your Private, Commercial, & Instructor certificate. We are also capable of training you for your Multi-Engine Rating as well as your Instrument Rating. With your Multi-Engine Rating, you will also earn your complex endorsement, allowing you to operate aircraft with retractable gear, controllable pitch propellers, and movable flaps.

Each area of training has its significant purpose and allows the pilot to operate an aircraft with additional privileges.

A Private Pilot Certificate allows you to carry passengers and fly in Visual Flight Conditions.  Blue skies, good visibilities.

An Instrument Rating allows you to fly in Instrument Meteorological Conditions.  Fog and clouds.

Total Cost of Training from Private to Commercial can vary greatly from school to school, and between a part 61 school (which is what GLAV is), and a part 141 school (which is what WMU is).

Training Part 61 Part 141
Private Pilot $6,984 $18,000
Instrument Rating $4900 $17,000
Commercial Much Less Much More