High Altitude, Advanced Systems, & Intro to CRM

Great Lakes Air Ventures is proud to offer a High Altitude Course. Focussing on the valuable High Altitude Endorsement as well advanced aircraft systems and an introduction to Crew Resource Management. GLAV utilizes a Cessna 340 the training and although the aircraft is not available for rent, additional time can be purchased beyond the allocated hours of the course if you desire. 

All Inclusive price is $1500   If you come prepared to the course you should be able to complete it in half a day and will have no issues finishing it in the alloted time. 

Course Objectives:

- High Altitude Endorsement

- High Altitude Physiology

- Develop a working knowledge of turbocharged and pressurized systems

- Introduction to Crew Resource Management (CRM)

- GLAV course completion certificate (list course on a resume - GLAV used as a flight training reference)


Standard Course (1.5 hrs flight):

Course Requirements:

- At least a Private Pilot Certificate

- Recent flight experience 

- Preparation Studying before the Course by the Student


TOTAL: 1.5 hours flight / 1 hours ground (2.5 hrs instruction)


Training Breakdown:

- FAA High Altitude Video Series 

- Exam over the material


1.0 hrs ground training

- Cessna 340 Systems

- Crew Resource Management

- Effects of High Altitude Flying

- Pressurization System

- Turbo Charger System


1.5 hrs flight training

- .7 Climb to FL250 IFR Clearance into Class A

- .3 Emergency Descent

- .3 Pattern

- .2 Flight back to KFPK