Multi-Engine Training

What happens if you lose power from your engine? It's a big question.  In a single engine airplane, you pitch for best glide speed and you prepare to land somewhere. In multi-engine aircraft, you will Identify the dead engine, verify it, and go about flying based on the current situation. In other words, you get to keep flying until you get to an airport.  Two very different scenarios and possibilities, so which one would you prefer?

Here at Great Lakes Air Ventures, we offer Multi-engine instruction and rental. We have three multi-engine instructors who are focused on quality training, efficiency, and most importantly, safety.  Multi-engine flying is be both demanding and enjoyable, so get yourself ready to hit the books, fly a lot faster, and bulk up your legs (you'll see what we mean).  If you have your multi-engine rating, there is a quick 5 hours checkout required to rent the aircraft. Simply show us you are proficient and you'll be out flying across the country. GLAV can also provide instruction towards your Multi-Engine Commercial or Multi-Engine Instructor certificate. 


Check out our Multi-Engine Aircraft

Multi-Engine Instruction rates are higher than our single engine rates, at $55 an hour for flight and $45 for ground. This is done to keep the cost of the aircraft down. Due to higher cost of the multi-engine instruction, you will find our MEI's very flexible and generous with their time.