Private Pilot Training

Earning your private pilot license is much easier than you think. There are 3 parts to the exam you must pass to be certified by the FAA: the written, the oral, and the flight.

The Written Exam: 60 questions, 2.5 hours to take it, proctored by an FAA authorized testing center. The preferred preparation for the written is through a ground school oriented around the private pilot ground questions material. GLAV offers a private pilot ground school and you can click here to find out more about it. 

The Oral Exam: Roughly 2 hours of questions and discussion with an FAA-designated pilot examiner. Ground school will present most of the material to you in preparation for the Oral.  Otherwise, one-on-one discussion with your flight instructor would be the best preparation. GLAV offers a couple textbooks that are directly oriented at the oral exam guide.

The Flight Exam: Between 1 and 1.5 of flight time where you will go up with designated pilot examiner and fly the beginning of a cross country and all of the pertinent flight maneuvers. This is usually completed at the same time as the Oral Exam and is called your Checkride. 

Cost to Earn your Private Pilot License

See Table below, or go to this link to run through a selectable excel chart showing cost. 

  Rate GLAV Average National Average
Aircraft Cost: $95 $4275 $8100

Flight Instruction:

$45 $1000 $2250
Ground Instruction: $35 $600 $1200
Ground School: $400 $400 $400
Textbooks Package: $225 $225 $225
Checkride Cost:  $300 $300 $300
Written Test Exam: $150 $150 $300
Charts $8.5 $34 $100
Total   $6984 $12,875