Liberty University

Information on the Bachelor of Science in Aviation is available at

The following courses are offered within the Bachelor of Science in Aviation program;

· Private Pilot Certificate – AVIA220 & 225 – Can be completed as a Free Elective or prior to enrollment

· Instrument Rating – AVIA320*

· Commercial Pilot Certificate – AVIA325, 326 & 327*

· Commercial Single Engine Add-On Rating – AVIA331*

· Flight Instructor Certification – AVIA420*

· Flight Instructor Instrument Certification – AVIA422 (1 Credit)* or AVIA423 (3 Credits)*

· Multi Engine Instructor Certification – AVIA441 (1 Credit)* or AVIA443 (3 Credits)*

* Courses noted with the asterisk (*) above are the only courses authorized by the Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”) for application of GI Bill® and/or VA funding by Web Enabled Approved Management System (“WEAMS”) institutions.

Holt High School

Great Lakes Air Ventures is proud to partner with Holt High Schools to offer our students a unique training experience.